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Zaika Lounge

📍 Located On The Second Floor

⏱ Opening Hours: 12:00 P.M – 12:00 AM

📞 +254 777 070 999 

📧  https://zaikaltd.com/ 

You think you know grand entrances until you see Zaika Lounge’s entrance!

Located on the 2nd Floor, Zaika Lounge is one of the best Bar and Grills in Eldoret. It is designed to exude class, sophistication, and taste, true to the meaning of its name, from its light fixtures to its seating and wall art.

The restaurant has both hanging pendant light fixtures, chandeliers, and wall light fixtures. On the walls are upholsteries and very interesting contemporary wall art. All of which come together to create a cozy yet lively environment.

The restaurant area features 2 and 4 person seating chairs and tables plus booths for larger groups. The service is fast with a VIP flair. The menu offered is extensive featuring Continental, Italian, Chinese, African, and Indian cuisine. While you can eat from the Lounge itself, delivery services are also available.

The bar is state of the art. It has a bubbly water fixture with lighting effects as a backdrop. There’s quite an array of top-shelf whiskeys, vodkas, beers, and cocktails as well as soft drinks to pick from. The bar area is separated from the dining area with a floating cider wood deck.

Balcony seating is available for those who prefer drinking outside or want fresh air.


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